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  在时装的世界里,依文集团跨越了更为广阔的思维界限,由独立品牌延展为多元化品牌发展:代理Versace、Kenzo、Fendi等国际名品;旗下高级男装品牌拥有依文EVE de UOMO、依文中国EVE CINA、诺丁山NOTTINGHILL、凯文凯利Kevin Kelly 及杰奎普瑞JAQUES PRITT。作为中国高级品牌界的先驱,依文集团熟稔运用时装的艺术,让东方文明向世界绽放出独具风韵的国际化表情。中国传统工艺邂逅现代高新技术,文化与时尚浪漫相遇,萌生崭新的创意。跨界视野之外,新的观察角度让依文集团旗下品牌在时尚领域屡有意外之作。中国非物质文化遗产传承人、国内外知名设计师、音乐艺术大师等多角度文化的注入,让其品牌主流产品成为全球名士的最爱。



  Set out for dreams, and advance withglories and faiths. This is a 18 years’ Chinese fashion legend as well as a journeyof seeking dreams for the creator and disseminator of China’s fashionattitude。

  In 1994, Xia Hua, a teacher of ChinaUniversity of Political Science and Law (CUPL), keenly captured a gap in China’sclothing field, then resigned for business and created “EVE de UOMO” brand.Based in cultural capital Beijingand by virtue of excellent management and outstanding marketing strategy, EVEemerged rapidly as a comprehensive group supported by clothing, oriented on thecreative industry, integrating design, production and sale and covering fieldssuch as clothing, life aesthetics, gift and cultural creativity. EVE GROUP hasestablished more than 500 stores in China, with an annual sales amount ofbillions of yuan. Based on favorable financial data and infinite potential, EVEGROUP set a new goal of going public and mapped out a plan for going global in2011.

  In the world of costume, EVE GROUP hastranscended the boundary of thinking and extended from an independent brand todiverse brands: It has acted as an agent for international brands like Versace,Kenzo and Fendi; and owned top men’s clothing brands such as EVE de UOMO, EVECINA, NOTTINGHILL, Kevin Kelly and JAQUES PRITT. As a precursor of China’s topbrand community, EVE GROUP skillfully uses the art of costume to display thedistinctive charm of oriental civilization to the world. Perfect combination ofChinese traditional processes and modern high technologies and integration ofculture into fashion generate new creativity. A crossover vision and new angleof observation have created much expectation for brands under EVE de UOMO inthe fashion world. Infusion of diverse cultural elements by China’s intangible culturalheritage disseminators, domestic and overseas famous designers and musicmasters has made mainstream products under EVE GROUP be favorites ofcelebrities across the world。

  Owing to its creative contributions toChina’s fashion culture, EVE GROUP has garnered many honors. It participated

  in an exhibition in Paris on behalf of Chineseclothing enterprises, and designed

  clothing for a number of major events such as the Forum on China-AfricaCooperation, the 2008 Olympic Games and China’s60th anniversary celebration. On February 17, 2012, to became the first Chinesemen’s clothing brand that marched into London Fashion Week,EVE GROUP expressed China’s fashion attitude in international costumelanguage。

  Awardssuch as “Famous Chinese Trademark”, “Beijing’s Famous Trademark”, “Gold Award forBeijing’s Top Ten Clothing Brands” and “China National Garment AssociationAward” have brought EVEGROUP closer to its dreams.A history of honors is also a new journey. EVE GROUPhas created an everlasting fashion legend。